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Thursday, September 13, 2018

~Year Of The Pumpkin~


 At least it is at The Frost household. My goodness our pumpkin patch is amazing this year.  Mother Nature can be trying at times as she put us through hell with her hot, humid, unbearable days however, she has seen fit to reward us with the nicest pumpkin patch we've ever had.  This particular pumpkin is my favorite.  LOOK at those ridges..she's gorgeous!  And her color, oh my goodness I love all the variations of green!  She seems to be staying green too although, when I was in the pumpkin patch this morning giving everyone a roll over to avoid rot, she is turning orange underneath, which is baffling but as I said before "mother nature" :).

We are trying to hold off picking them but it is getting harder and harder not to!  We also have some gooseneck gourds growing in the patch as well. 

Autumn...she is slowly making her way to Vermont :)

She's a bit orange underneath :)
Here are a few other garden shots and a shot of my end of Summer/early Autumn window boxes. I'll be changing everything over to Autumn very soon! 

           Here she is in all her glory ~ Isn't she just the PERFECT Cinderella Pumpkin :)  I just LOVE HER!!!!!

 I'm off now to stuff my punched pillows and then I'm on Mimi duty this afternoon.

Until tomorrow ~ wishing you joy, Doreen