Tucked in a valley, at the foot of Round Mountain, among the graceful Maples & Oaks you will find our Little Brown House. Smoke billows from the chimney seven or eight months out of the year, a river rambles nearby, sheep & cows graze in the meadows and turkey's forage along the olde stone walls. Here you will find me, tucked into my cozy studio surrounded by my work. This is Vermont Harvest Folk Art.

~ I am a Punch Needle Embroidery Folk Artist, Rug Hooker and teacher, who is inspired by my love of Early American art. I have a small open studio and shop in our Vermont home, where I hosts holiday events, workshops and individual lessons.~

Saturday, September 29, 2018

A couple little changes.

MY GOODNESS, can you believe September is drawing to a close???  I certainly can't!!! It is truly crazy, how fast this month flew by.  It was a flurry of appointments, gramma baby sitting time and filling orders..it's truly all a blur!! :)

Therefore, IN AN EFFORT to find time for...well, ANYTHING...haha...I am making a couple of small changes. These changes will make things much easier on me and allow for more creative time.  

#1......I will no longer be selling punch needle supplies such as weavers cloth, Cameo needles, hoops, frames, floss & thread. 
...Keeping up with the constant ordering/tracking/selling/shipping of these supplies is so very time consuming and taking this duty out of my daily schedule will free up a LOT of time for me. AS ALWAYS,  I WILL SHARE with all of you where you may purchase these products yourself.   

#2...I have reduced my Blackened Beeswax offerings to just a few pieces.  Things I can make quickly and easily.  This too, will free up a LOT of time for me. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and hope you understand.

KITS....I will soon be offering a **LIMITED NUMBER** of full kits for all of my new designs. :)


I will be ADDING candles and tarts, made by my daughter, to the site, this holiday season.

SO..that's it. 

 Whew...I feel better already!!! 
 Now..on to the most wonderful time of the year!  
Love and hugs, Doreen


  1. Have a wonderful day Doreen ! I don't blame you for cutting back. Much more fun to get those baby snuggles 😀. Thanks for all you do! Hugs,Jen

    1. Hello Jen and thank you. There comes a point where the "business" takes over the creative and you just have to start making cuts :). And..you know, more grandbaby snuggle are a must!!!

      Hugs, Doreen

  2. I've wondered how you've managed to do everything. So glad you are learning how to scale back so you don't burn out.

    1. Hello Marilee..I do have great help in my sister in law Step, but I was truly starting to be overwhelmed so I had to make some decisions and these are two simple cut backs that will help a LOT :) hugs, doreen

      hugs, doreen