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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Olde Salem Cat & Jax ~ Coming Soon

Goode day my lovely friends.  I hope this greeting finds you well and enjoying these wonderful first days of September.  I have a few minutes while the little man is sleeping so I thought I would pop in and get back to the business of blogging.  It has taken me a couple of weeks, of watching my little boogie bear, but I think I've gotten into a flow and can do a bit of work while he is napping. The first few days he was here, I didn't want to put him down!  I wanted to soak up every ounce of his wonderfulness and learn his little quirks, likes and dislikes so I could feel comfortable in knowing his wants and needs. Hence, I would be able to do a smidge of work, albeit in drips and drabs, while he was here.  I still don't want to put him down of course, but we do what we must. :)

…..I've been working away filling orders, answering emails and punching on the days little man is not here and it's been going quite well.  I've been keeping up with everything except posting and chatting on social media and here on my blog.  I've been remise with both but now that we've established a ltitle bit of a routine, I'm hoping to get back to my chatty self..hope you don't (and won't) mind.

Pictured here is my latest design ~ Olde Salem Cat & Jax..they are finished and are awaiting their wool stuffing so they may be pillows!!!  I LOVE them both.   I am hoping to have them stuffed and their pattern written and ready by Friday.  This will be a double pattern meaning both designs will be in one pattern :)  Something fun and different.

Okay, we are approaching noon, which is when the little man is due to eat again, so I shall have to end this.  I want to do a ltitle dinner prep before he's calling me.  Tonight...Grilled steak, oven fries and garden salad..mmmm.

Until tomorrow ~ Wishing you a joy filled day, Doreen


  1. Its a lovely fall , ssunny day here,, doreen,,
    Glad ur enjoying ur grand baby!
    What a sweetie,,,
    so special,,,
    Love ur punch needle!!
    Thanks for birthday wishes!!
    Have a great day!

    1. Goode morning Elaine ~ thank you so much for dropping by and for your lovely and much appreciated compliments. You are most welcome for the birthday greetings. I hope it was a wonderful day for you my friend. hugs, Doreen

  2. Really like this new punchneedle pattern,and will be ordering it when it becomes available! Enjoy your new grand baby, they grow so quickly😃